Chapter 1. One beautiful,sunny morning there were 4 best friends. One was called Connor. He had shining, blue eyes and the other friend was called Ellie. She had long, black hair and Rachel had brown hair plus Bella had blonde hair. Leah had blonde hair too but her hair went to the bend in her knees. All their mums had the same colour of hair that was black and their dads had the same colour of hair except from Connor's dad.

Chapter 2

"Hey", said Connor, "lets go to my house and play in my back garden."

"OK" said Leah,"But," said Leah, "but," said Rachel and Ellie, "We could go to the park."

"OK", said everyone.

So off they went to the park. They all went on the round a bout and this girl came over and said, "Can I play with you?" They asked her what her name was first before they said that she could play with them. She told them that her name was Emily.

Chapter 3

They got fed up of playing at the park so they all went back to Rachel's house and asked if they could all play in her bedroom and her mum said, "Yes". Her mum said not to make a mess of the room," ok", they said. So they all went up the stairs and into the bedroom. Rachel reached under her bed to pull a game out and she felt something. She didn't know what it was so she pulled it out and it was a box. The box was shimmering and glowing. She wondered if she should open it so she did and there was a unicorn in it! They all got lots of rides off of her and they named her Sprincals.

And they all lived happly ever after.

The End