Once upon a time there was 4 little girls there names where Aimee, Rachel, Ellie, Chelsea. they where all best friends and they all where 7 years old. they were all off school because it was the summer holidays and they all asked Rachel's mum to take them to Black forest Rock and they are going to camp there.

Mum says "lets go and get packed up now fold you'r clothes to."

Ellie said "lets start going now" then they started to drive away. They eventualliy got there they got there tents set up. They got there tents set up and had a campfire and some hotchoclate with some biscuits. It was night time it was 10 pm at night they were all really tired so they all went to bed. They fell asleep in two seconds and in the morning they where all shattered.



They got up and had breakfast they had toast after that they went out to Black forest Rock . They found a Egyptian note it was written in Hieroglyphics.